Job Seekers

We cater to blue collar jobs of all levels, be it unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled and to companies of all sizes; from small and medium enterprises to big corporates, you can find jobs with a variety of employers.
You simply have to register and send us your CV to, we will customize it based on industry / market standards, help you qualify and reach out to the top 100 best-fit employers. We will also help you track progress, schedule interviews and do our best to help you secure that job :)!
We have structured our service to suit the needs of our candidates. All you have to do is complete your profile and specify the job role! We will then edit your CV, help you qualify and drop your application to the 100 best companies suited to your skills! We also have a standard list of job roles that you could go through in case you need some help deciding.
You will have to create a profile in order to use our services. However, it only takes a few minutes and that way the employer knows exactly who you are :).
At the moment we are only present in the UAE, however, we are expanding quickly and you’ll be able to reach other countries very soon :)
The beauty of this service is that you don’t have to! Just send us your CV and we’ll do all the work for you. If you are in the UAE however, that is no problem either. We cater to everyone’s needs!
Nothing to worry about, you can still create a profile and keep it with us! If we come across a posting that we think could be great fit for your skill set, we’ll let you know immediately. You can then go through the posting and apply for it if it peaks your interest!
The process can take some time due to the validation and careful selection of employers. However, you receive constant feedback on your application from every employer applied to, helping you improve further and increasing your chances of securing a job.
Registering and becoming a part of our database is absolutely free! We’ll also give you Job Alerts if we come across postings that suit your skill set. We also have a set of premium services:
  • USD 150 - Get your CV edited, further qualified and marketed to the 100 best companies out there in your industry!
  • For an additional USD 350 - track progress, get your interviews scheduled, receive constant feedback and ensure you secure that job!
For the future, we aim to eliminate a lot of this cost to reduce the financial burden on candidates who apply!
Just drop us a note through our quick contact form or reach out to us on and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!


All you have to do is use our contact form, and we’ll get in touch! You can also send in your job requirements to
At ZoEasy, we always appreciate variety! We’re here to help you with all your blue collar hiring needs. However, please make sure all job requirements / offers sent in respect the legal standards of the UAE. Any requirements that don’t meet the market / legal standards will be blocked by our team.
Our platform will give you access to a variety of candidates as we have different levels of sourcing expertise within any given sector. Be it an office boy or a 6g welder, we will help you find the right candidates.
We will analyse your job requirement and have a set of sample profiles for you to go through. If these profiles check all the boxes, we will then open up this requirement to our different sourcing channels, which also includes our own database of candidates, and pull out the best suited profiles. We will further validate and score these profiles against numerous data points and bring down the list to a set of active, well qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing the role.
We will also be implementing a set of highly customizable filters which will allow employers to use and browse through our database of candidates.
We are establishing ties in numerous countries at the moment, some of which include:
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Nepal
  • India
These will slowly be expanded to other popular sourcing countries as well. We’ll keep you posted on where we’re heading!
We have a number of different recruiting channels that we’re implementing at the moment. Depending on the level of specialization and number of positions to be filled, we will choose the most appropriate channel of recruitment.
We are also expanding our network of freelance recruiters across different sectors / specializations and regions to fulfill requirements on the larger scale.
Of course! Just specify this within your job description and we will make sure we will only look for candidates currently present in the UAE.
As of now, we don’t charge from our employers. However, our aim is to eventually reduce the financial burden on the candidates we place. We will disclose further details in given time.

Freelance Recruiters

Of course! Though having a background in recruitment and the blue collar segment, especially if you have worked as a freelance recruiter, would be a major advantage. If you don’t have a recruitment background, but are still able to refer quality candidates that are relevant to the requirements at hand, you can still be successful!
You will receive a payment for every profile of yours that is placed successfully for that particular job requirement.
All recruiters that join our platform will be required to have their own tools, database and network of candidates.
You can work from anywhere and anytime! As a recruiter, you’re not bound :). However, please make sure that you are not in breach of any contract in case you are already employed somewhere.
You will be provided with a unique ID and your candidate profiles will be uploaded with the same. We will keep you posted on every candidate and what stage of the hiring process they are at.
It depends on the size of the requirement, especially considering our platform is focused at blue collar hiring! However, an average number would be 80 profiles per job posting :).
We work on a first come, first serve basis. So the first one submitted will be the one considered.

Domestic Services- Employers

Right now our domestic services are focused on full-time domestic hiring. All maid profiles that will be listed on our website / mobile apps will be represented by various registered maid agencies across the UAE. Therefore, all you have to do is register, customize your search based on our different filters (e.g. age, nationality, religion, work experience etc.) and gain access to hundreds of authentic profiles.
Maid agencies provide more structured services to assist you in employing a housemaid. Therefore, hassles in relation to paperwork such as visa processing, residence permits etc. can be handled by the maid agency. Furthermore, maid agencies provide a guarantee period of 2 - 3 months. Hence, in case you are not happy with the domestic worker’s performance, you can go back to the agency and ask for a replacement / claim a refund. However, please note, agencies have different prices per candidate / service packages. This information will clearly be displayed on all maid profiles listed through our platform.
At the moment, ZoEasy does not have a database of individual domestic workers. We are working with registered manpower agencies within the UAE, as these candidates are already validated to a great extent and the service as a whole is more convenient for employers to use.
We are asked regularly and would like to clarify the legal requirements of the UAE law with regards to the employment of "foreign domestic workers":
  • to sponsor the employee on your visa
  • to pay the employee a monthly salary in a timely manner, of no less than the legal minimum per nationality
  • to give the employee a weekly full day off
  • to give the employee one month of paid holidays per year with a plane ticket home
Failure to comply can lead to legal prosecution, fines and even a prison sentence. Please email us for further information and please respect the law.
Salaries vary tremendously between families, by employee nationality and experience. On average we see salaries ranging from AED 1500 to 2000 per month. You can also add on an optional year-end bonus (one month), paid holidays as per the law, return tickets home and if you wish food allowance etc.
The minimum salaries as dictated by the law are:
  • Filipino nationals AED 1400
  • Indian nationals AED 1100
  • Sri Lankan nationals AED 825
  • Indonesian nationals AED 800
  • Bangladeshi nationals AED 725
Foreign Domestic Workers are generally hired from Africa and Asia. The most popular countries to hire from through an agency, are:
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ethiopia
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
All profiles displayed on our website and app will be represented by official UAE registered maid agencies.
ZoEasy doesn’t charge any commission from the employer or the candidates. We believe in running a highly transparent operation.

Manpower Suppliers in UAE

ZoEasy is here to make everyone’s lives easy. The current system relies on customers selecting and physically walking into your agency to select profiles. Through our system, we will help you market your candidates across the UAE hence, increasing the chance of your profiles getting noticed by a greater number of potential customers.
Your profiles will be displayed to customers across the UAE. Thus, the visibility of your profiles will not only automatically increase, but the probability of them being selected is far greater as the customer base is much larger. Also, our expertise in Search Engine Optimization will ensure ZoEasy becomes a top searched site within this particular sector in the UAE.
You don’t have to pay us a fee for putting your profiles on our platform. Though, we do charge agencies a fee of AED 500 per every successfully placed candidate through our platform.
The quality of your profiles / candidates will ensure you stand out among the crowd. Also, ZoEasy will analyse agencies against multiple factors
ZoEasy will not only be working as a website but also as an app for people to download. Furthermore, our expertise in online / digital marketing will ensure the website stands out among the crowd.
In terms of the actual features itself, your existing site may only display the maid profile in a highly static manner with limited searching capabilities. This makes the website less user friendly and you would have to request your website designer / tech team to continuously make changes to these maid profiles, both information and display wise. Also, keeping a track of your housemaid profiles would be a real task. With ZoEasy, our search filters and design skills will ensure user experience is smooth, and your profiles are displayed in the most creative and convenient manners possible. Also, our analytics will allow you to generate regular reports on the performance of your profiles and agency as a whole.
All you have to do is scan in your profiles and our team will take care of the rest. We are also building a system where agencies themselves can create an account through our system, upload profiles and monitor / manage them. We will keep you posted on the release of this :).
There is no limit. You can keep as many as you want provided you only upload available maids who have not been employed yet.
Our platform will be available at all times. Basic maintenance may come into play once in awhile but this won’t adversely affect the platform in any manner.
This is a feature that we are working on specifically for the manpower agencies here in the UAE who are looking to register with us. We’ll keep you posted on this!