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In the Middle East, having the right people in your life makes the biggest difference. Be it traditional household help or quality housekeeping staff, individuals and companies are always on the lookout for their ideal fit. BUT, finding the “ideal fit" can be time consuming, cumbersome and expensive in this part of the world.

Thus, ZoEasy was born to not only address this gap but literally make life easy for individuals and companies through unique disruptive technology which enables search customization. We are currently crafting our services around the full time domestic worker industry followed by nursing, housekeeping staff and basic office staff. Therefore, our industry specific platforms will enable personalized browsing and selection from a variety of quality profiles at the click of a button.

Our Services

Our unique “2 in 1” online & offline service provides consumers with a seamless experience while co-creating value.


Make your house into a home through exceptional full time help. Indulge in the personalized search experience and select from a variety of screened (psychometrically tested) quality profiles!


Finding the right nurses, be it for households or hospitals, has become tough. Our platform aims to reinvent and simplify this hiring process to ensure there are qualified nurses available for any given scenario!


Unable to find well trained staff who go beyond expectations? Worry not, we’ll be there soon to ease things out.

Office Staff

A strong foundation leads to a fabulous working environment. And what forms the crux of this strong foundation? Basic office staff! Use our soon to be released platform to hire the right people and make life easy at the workplace.

Introducing the MaidEasy App

The current domestic worker industry is very paper based and disorganized. This provides inconvenience to customers and to the agencies who provide these maid profiles. Having identified this significant gap within the UAE market, the MaidEasy app allows those seeking full time house help to customize their search and browse through a variety of high quality profiles from the comfort of their home.

MaidEasy, making service:


Through personalized search and a great variety of thoroughly screened, high quality profiles from the comfort of your home


By accessing and selecting the right help within minutes through the click of a button


Through a free service. We do not charge any subscription or additional fees on top of the set agency price. Hence, great value for money!

How it Works?

Take a look at how MaidEasy truly brings ease to your life.

Here’s a glimpse of what MaidEasy will look like!

The ultimate connector between customers and domestic worker agencies!

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P.O.Box: 16111, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

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